Green Gables Furniture

Timber Frame Furniture. What is it? It's what Green Gables specializes in! The concept, pioneered by furniture builder Tim Scott, involves using large beams and recycled wood from buildings and barns.

The old growth lumber used in building decades ago, and now being recyled is a higher quality than is availble now-days. Green Gables products, made from this lumber are bold, sturdy, unique and built to last! Father Time and Mother Nature work together with Green Gables craftsmen to produce this impressive furniture.

Materials with the right look, quality and feel are handpicked and transformed into rustic pieces, each of which tells the story of an honored past. Old growth white, red and yellow pine, butternut, oak, ash and maple often combine with hand forged iron, re-claimed roof steel, premium leathers and more to create these funcitonal works of art. See the examples below, then visit Furniture Design Center in Eureka to see what's available for your home!



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